Nicole’s Birthday

Today is Nicole’s birthday! So, we decided to do a quick shoot before the sun went down.
Happy Birthday Nicole!


Roscoe’s Tavern 26th Anniversary (4-1-13) w/ Jinkx Monsoon, Alaska, Detox, Roxxxy Andrews

Started the night out at Spin for the viewing party of the new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. If you haven’t been to a viewing party, I really recommend going. Lots of fun, and a vocal audience always makes watching a TV show more fun.

After the episode was over we headed over to Roscoe’s. The outside didn’t seem much different, minus the spotlight truck parked outside. Inside, however, was a different story.

I’ve been Roscoe’s a bunch of times, but I’ll admit I haven’t been there for any events outside of the usual Friday/Saturday nights.
If you want to talk about the popular place to be on a Monday night, Roscoe’s was it. I’ve never seen people pack around a stage as tightly as the crowd waiting for the drag show to start. Hard to push through the crowd, but almost everyone was extremely friendly.

The Sample Gallery

This is the first post of what I hope to be many. Check out some of the photos I’ve gotten before I started this site.